Favourite Japanese Snacks to get you in the Mood

Favourite Japanese snacks to get you in the mood for delicious Japanese food. Because we could have Japanese snacks for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. But this is not Japan. So let’s fuss over some yummy Japanese snacks you could maybe try to make at home. Obviously depending on your local Asian grocer and your cooking skills. Therefore here are our top 5 favourite Japanese snacks to make at home.

This is a list of our absolute favourite top 4 Japanese Snacks

1. Edamame Beans – Bar Snack


We love this one because it’s super easy to make. Not to mention this is a Japanese snack you would find at an Izakaya -Japanese snack bar. You can indulge on these delicious beans by dipping them into yuzu (lemon) soya sauce.

  • You can definitely make this one at home
  • Find it at your nearest Asian grocer
  • Steam it and dip it

Yes it is as easy as that and that’s why we love it. Try this one next time you host a dinner party. You just might impress some Japanese foodies.

2. Yakitori – Japanese Kebabs


Super easy to make on the braai/bbq. This delicious Japanese snack can go a long way. Keeping you full and leaving you coming for seconds. Yakitori meaning grilled chicken is just that, delicious chicken kebab, flame grilled. But really you can make any kind of kebab you like. We really love enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon. Extra tasty.

  • You can easily make some kind of version of this at home
  • No need for an Asian grocer just freestyle this one

3. Gyoza – Fried Japanese Dumpling


We love gyoza. But this snack requires a lot of prep work and some kind of rolling skills. Unless you buy it frozen from your local Asian grocer. You could spend hours making something that takes 5 minutes to eat. Because it’s that delicious and bit sized.

  • Enjoy it even more with dumpling dipping sauce
  • Not that easy to make but worth the effort

4. Inari Sushi Snack for your cravings


Yummy inari sushi requires a lot of effort, some kind of sushi making experience, a bigger budget and definitely a visit to your local Asian supermarket. But we love this one because you can easily make it with an egg filling making it more affordable to make at home.

  • We will be sharing our Inari sushi recipe on the blog next month
  • But if your feeling hungry you could try our egg fried rice recipe

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