Japanese Foods that will Make You Want to Go There

Japanese food is well known in the food sphere. Every foodie drools over Japanese cuisine. Because it’s one of the healthiest diets, making it easy to over-indulge in. And that’s why we love Japanese foods. The nostalgia tingles your taste buds even if you haven’t been there. There’s enough online tease and local Izakaya’s to make you fall in love with Japan. Or even the idea of going to Japan. Because food travelling is the most flavorsome way to experience life.

What makes Japanese foods so special?

The food we eat is our vital life source. It gives us the energy we need to get through the day. Not to mention it brings us happiness. If you love food as much as we do then you know it’s an important part of your well being. Plus dining together and enjoying a meal you don’t know how to make, is one of the most thrilling feelings in the world. And so that’s what makes it special. Plus it’s relatively more healthy and here’s why:

  • Most Japanese food ingredients are fermented and fermented foods are rich in probiotics helping to keep your gut healthy and boosting your immune system
  • Very little red meat which is great for your heart
  • Japanese cooking includes little to no dairy products which science has shown to be a healthier alternative
  • High in Omegas

Japanese Foods that will make you want to go there:

Ramen because slurping your way to understand Japanese culture sounds delicious

graphic of ramen on table

Slurping on a delicious broth of noodles can bring nostalgia to your taste buds. Not to mention slurping is considered polite, if not mandatory. And shows your respect to the chef, ensuring them the food is in fact oishi. If anything it makes you want to slurp away on a bowl of noodles at a quaint Japanese ramen shop.

Yakiniku because every beef lover wants to try wagyu

graphic of yakiniku japanese bbq with flame background and text reading yakiniku


This one sells itself. Japan is known for the primmest and finest grade beef, maybe and probably in the world. It’s internationally known and recognized as a high-end cut that is bred with utmost care and therefore creating a flavorsome eating experience. Best enjoyed the traditional Japanese way. On the hibachi. A Japanese BBQ experience is truly unique. Usually served with rice and plenty of sides. Along with the dipping sauce. Rather than eating it like a steak. One is supposed to dip the finely sliced meat into the sauce. An experience that leaves your mouth watering for more.

Shabu Shabu to warm you up through the winter months

graphic of shabu shabu japanese hot pot with flame background and text on red reading shabu shabu



Shabu Shabu is another unique Japanese way of dining. A hot pot is prepared before you as you cook your meat or fish in the water in front of you. Literally by shaking it in the broth. Also served with rice and sides. If you haven’t tried it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. It keeps you warm for hours after indulgence.

Gyoza because fried dumplings are tastier than steamed ones

graphic of gyoza on japanese table and lantern with red background, black header and text reading gyoza


Gyoza is something you want to eat every day. Because it is that delicious. There would be nothing more tantalizing than exploring the different kinds of gyoza on offer in Japan. It’s perfect as a snack, a main meal or some places even transform it into a dessert. Eating gyoza in Japan is kind of like having pizza in Italy. A mandatory experience not to be missed. Making this dish a favourite among many foodies and travelers alike.

Sushi since that’s how Japanese food became popular

graphoc of sushi with sushi background and gunkan sushi on red and black with text reading sushi


Need I say more? Everyone wants to try traditional sushi. But Chef Taki says those with a western palette may be shocked when they eat sushi for the first time in Japan. Nevertheless, it’s on the list because it has got to be the most popular food in the world. And it’s straight from Japan.

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