Kitchen Hack How to peel an Egg in under 30 seconds

Kitchen Hack for Foodies Saves you Time in the Kitchen

kitchen hack how to peel a boiled egg without the hassle. We’re going to share with you the best kitchen hack ever. How to easily and quickly peel a boiled egg with a teaspoon. Stop spending hours trying to peel a boiled egg. All you have to do is crack the egg. And then slide the teaspoon inside. And peel the egg shell away. It’s as easy as one, two, three. Time to eat your boiled egg.

This is the best kitchen hack ever

All you have to do is crack the egg. And then slide the teaspoon inside. And peel the egg shell away. This works because when you put a spoon into an egg; it makes a small hole in the shell. But it doesn’t break through completely. So when you remove the spoon, there’s one small hole in your egg that lets air in. Which helps separate the white from the shell without having to spend hours trying to peel it off.

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So how can you do it?

When you’re in a rush and need to peel an egg quickly, there’s no better way than this awesome kitchen hack. All you have to do is crack the egg, slide the spoon inside, and then gently move it around the shell to remove it. No more wasted time trying to peel an egg!

How to peel an Egg with a Spoon long Video

This kitchen hack will change the way you cook. This video shows you how to easily and quickly peel an egg with a spoon, no more messing about with egg shell. It’s so simple and easy to do and once you understand the technique your life will never be the same again!

How to Peel an Egg with a Spoon- Step by Step Guide :
  • Step 1: Crack your egg
  • Step 2: Slide the tip of a teaspoon into the small opening at the top of your egg. This is where the air entered while it was cooling down, so it’s a weak point in the shell. The shell should break apart easily at this point. You can also use the flat edge of your spoon to crack open the shell without getting any egg on it! Start peeling.
  • Step 3: Continue to peel away the shell! You can even use your finger now as it easily slides off. The hard part is over!

Time to eat your boiled eggs!

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