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Let chef Taki help you find the best Japanese chef knife. Explore diverse styles and brands of Japanese chef knives our in-house chef trusts, for mastering your craft.

Japanese Chef Knife

Satake Cutlery are Japanese-made chef knives known for sharpness, durability and craftsmanship inspired by samurai sword making traditions.

Enjin no Takumi Ougin knife set made with high quality steel, a sharp edge and comfortable handles.

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Murato known for their superior sharpness. Balancing craftsmanship with affordability.

Styles of Japanese Knives

The santoku knife is known as the three virtues chef knife with a curved blade ideal for; slicing, dicing, and mincing.

The petty chef knife a small and versatile kitchen tool excelling at various tasks like deboning and precision cutting, a handy addition to any kitchen.

Nakiri is a Japanese vegetable knife with a rectangular blade and straight edge, ideal for chopping and slicing vegetables.

The gyuto similar to a Western chef’s knife, is a Japanese alternative known for its thin, lightweight, and pointy blade.

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