Japanese Sauces

Japanese sauces add that umami flavour to your cooking. Perfect collection of three sauces to spice up your cooking at home. Or even in the restaurant.

Black Garlic Japanese Umami Sauce

Umami means 5th taste in Japanese. And it is a taste like no other. Infused with black garlic this sauce can add a whole lot of flavour to any cooking. Momiki sauces are not only flavour but they add convenience to the kitchen too. Easily replace this with soya sauce to enjoy less sodium. It also has the added health benefits of black garlic.

Momiki Japanese sauces at Chef Taki include

  • Umami Black Garlic Sauce
  • The Vegan Version of Black Garlic Umami Sauce
  • And a chilli oil sauce infused with black garlic
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