Tableware hand crafted in Cape Town. This is our collection of locally made tableware in South Africa. As well as carefully selected dinnerware pieces from Japan. A beautiful collection inspired by Asian aesthetic and way of dining.

Handmade Tableware in Cape Town

Our tableware collection is hand crafted from black wood sourced ethically from the Knysna forest. Black wood is known as an invasive species in the knysna forest. Therefore this collection is curated out of wood that is alien within the South Africa. Each piece is uniquely made. Use it as a centerpiece in your kitchen or grab the collection. You are even able to design your own or order a variation of what you see.

From knife stands to cutting boards and even a lazy susan. These are uniquely designed and you are able to pre order them. Each item is unique and may look different from another item that is the same. We have knife stands available to purchase immediately. While chopping boards large and small may be pre ordered and custom designed. Based on your preferences.

You can explore our collection of locally made kitchenware in South Africa. By browsing our Made In Cape Town products tag.

All of these products in this tag are available for international shipping via a quote for your preferred country.

Japanese Dinnerware

Our Japanese dinnerware set is part of our tableware collection. It’s perfect for Asian inspired dinners. Or take away sushi. Or dinner parties.

Made by Toki Minoyaki Japanese Dinnerware Sets

A beautiful collection of small plates and soya sauce bowls with two sets of chopsticks. These dinnerware sets are perfect for couples or friends and family that like to entertain. Beautiful dinnerware set for Asian styled food.

You can explore our full collection of Japanese kitchenware and accessories imports by browsing our Made in Japan products tag.

We are excited to share Japanese food and kitchenware with people residing in South Africa .Therefore this product tag is available for delivery anywhere in South Africa!

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