Chef Knife Sets

Chef knife Set Collection by Enjin no Takumi Ougin

Renowned Japanese brand of chef knife sets available at chef taki. High carbon steel is sandwiched between rust resistant stainless steel. Making this collection of kitchen knives robust and long lasting. The set features three rivets making the knife extra heavy and sturdy. Meaning you have to do less work.

Kitchen Knife Set with 3 Japanese knives: Gyuto, Santoku & petty

This chef knife set is ideal for those looking to use all three versatile knives in the kitchen. From small to large this set can take care of all your cutting tasks in the kitchen.

Set of 2 Japanese knives; Santoku, Petty with a knife sharpener

The two knife set and sharpener is ideal for beginners. The perfect set of two of the easiest to use Japanese chef knives. Plus a sharpener to ensure the upkeep of your new chef knives.

A sharpener so easy to use. You just slide your knife back and forth. Watch a video on how to use this chef knife sharpener

About these chef knife sets

Beautifully appealing chef knives with cherry blossom aesthetic. Japanese knives are known for their lasting sharpness. And this is the perfect set of knives for those new to Japanese chef knives. An affordable set that includes some well known Japanese chef knife brands at Chef Taki.

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