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Dinnerware and Accessories from Japan

This tag is used to identify products that are made in Japan, a country known for producing high-quality kitchenware and chef knives. All of the products in this tag are directly imported from Japan to ensure the authenticity and quality of each item. From Japanese small plates, sauce bowls to sushi making accessories. Our Made in Japan collection offers a wide range of kitchenware options. For cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs alike. Shop this tag to discover unique and high-quality products that are made to last.

Learn how to make Japanese food at home

All of our products can be used when cooking at home. And recreating the chef experience in your kitchen. For example, learn how to makes sushi at home on our blog with recipe guides. All products come with guides which you can find on our site. Because we know many dietary requirements and budgets don’t allow for fancy food all the time. That is why we love to make our own wholesome Japanese, restaurant like food at home.

The best Tools in the Kitchen

Our Japanese chef knives have their own product category. Even though they are made in Japan too. You can browse our Japanese chef knives for all things chef knife related. If you are new to Japanese chef knives you can learn about the different types and styles on our blog. We cover every style of chef knife and what they’re good for. How to use them and how to identify them.

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