Satake Santoku Knife VG10 170 mm

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Satake Samurai Sword Chef Knife

Santoku knife is crafted in the same way as a samurai sword. Japanese swords are constructed with very high carbon steel as a core. And sandwiched by softer steel to achieve sharpness and durability. Hard steel is easy to chip. But the softer steel reinforces the whole blade. Satake knives are constructed the same way as samurai swords. And Satake knives are a steal.

Satake Santoku Knife made from High Carbon Steel sandwiched Between Stainless Steel

This santoku knife price is a steal because it is made with high carbon steel. Excuse the pun. And loved by professionals. The santoku chef knife is easily recognised by it’s curved blade tip. Kind of like a sword knife. The santoku knife price is relatively affordable for a high end knife because high carbon steel is sandwiched between stainless steel. Which also makes satake knives easy to care for. Ensuring that your VG10 knife will last much longer. Especially in any kitchen. Ultimately making this samurai sword like chef knife is a top notch choice at an irresistible price.

Satake santoku Knife Specifications:

  • Blade: High Carbon Steel sandwiched between rust resistant stainless steel
  • Blade: Stainless steel containing molybdenum and vanadium
  • Handle: Brown Pakka wood handle with 2 Rivets

VG10 Knife Characteristics:

Vg10 has 15% chromium (Cr), 1% molybdenum (Mo), and 1.5% cobalt (Co). Which all strengthen the matrix, yielding high hardness, in addition to maintaining a long lasting sharp edge. The microstructure is refined by the addition of vandium (V). In addition, CR, Mo and V produce large number of hard carbides, which further improves resistance. It also has good machinability and is easy to sharpen. CG10 manifests secondary hardening with high temperature tempering, so it is also suitable for blades that require surface coating treatment up to 450 degrees celsius. With it’s excellent corrosion resistance and sharpness, it performs well in a wide range of uses including kitchen knives, general purpose knives, and machine blades.

What is so special about Satake Santoku?

Apart from the advanced Japanese steel this santoku chef knife features a handle with 2 rivets. HRC 62 to 63. Rivets are the raised cylindrical studs that keep the handle securely attached to the tang. (the middle steel part from the blade into the handle)And with 2 rivets it means the knife is heavier. Therefore you have more control of the santoku chef knife. Where the knife does more of the heavy lifting. Making the chef knife extra sturdy.

About Satake Knives

Satake knives is a renowned brand of Japanese chef knives. And known for making samurai like kitchen knives. In our chef knife category page you can learn more about all the different chef knives that we stock at Chef Taki. Including where they come from. And how to identify them. All our chef knives are sourced from legitimate Japanese chef knife sellers. And you can also learn more about satake knives by visiting their website.

Blade Material

Shirogami Core High carbon steel sandwiched between Stainless Steel




Brown Pakka Wood



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