Japanese Dinnerware Sets

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The perfect dinnerware sets for couples who love eating Asian food at home or even any occasion like a dinner party. Japanese dinnerware set are great for meal sharing. Or Asian tapas, finger foods or snack holders to wow your guests. Beautifully made Japanese ceramic small plates and sauce bowls.

Different styles of Japanese Dinnerware Sets:

  • Available in Black sakura Pattern, white sakura pattern and blue star pattern
  • Made in Japan by Toki Minoyaki
  • Each dinnerware set includes two plates, two sauce bowls and two chopsticks in a box
  • Traditional technique called “Sometuke”
  • Japanese styled patterns
  • World’s best technique of silicone padding for ceramics
What makes ceramic production in Japan special?

A decorative technique in which patterns are drawn on white fabric with a pigment called “Gosu”. Transparent glaze is applied from above, and then fired. When baked, the pattern changes to indigo. Therefore this technique is one of the traditional techniques called “Sometuke”. Lastly it is made by a mass-produced ceramic maker using the world’s best technique of silicon pad printing. Which “Minoyaki” is proud of. Silicone pads are very soft and add delicate patterns to tableware of all shapes.

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Dimensions 26 × 25 × 5 cm

Toki Monoyaki


Porcelain, Ceramic


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Pattern Colour

Black, Blue, White

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