About Chef Taki's Kitchen

At Chef Taki, we are passionate about Asian cuisine and bringing flavours of Japan to Cape Town. We believe that good food is essential for wellness, and connection. That’s why we offer a curated selection of kitchen knives from Japan, kitchen accessories, cooking accessories, and private chef services. That will elevate your home cooking experience. And introduce you to the vibrant world of Asian flavors. Our carefully selected kitchenware and cooking accessories are designed to make cooking easier. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice, our products will empower you to recreate the restaurant experience at home. With Japanese kitchen knives and bespoke accessories.

Choose your Menu

Experience our Teppanyaki special menu this season or get the chef to custom design a menu for you based on your prefernces.

We Cook at your home

We bring the equipment and prepare all the food in your kitchen. You are welcome to decorate the table how you like.

You Wine and Dine

Experience Asian style dining where all meals are served on the table. Pair our menus with your favourite wine or drinks. We can help you match a good wine.

We Clean

Entertaining is stressful. So don't worry we take care of it. After your meal is done we clean and wash and leave your kitchen how we found it.

We are Passionate about Asian Food

From Japanese to Asian Fusion Flavours

Chef Taki is here to guide you through a culinary journey across Asia. Whether you’re cooking at home or eating out. Our blog will guide you through it all. From product guides to discovering more about Asian dishes and dining. As well as Asian food recipes for home cooking and more. Are you ready to give Asian cooking and dining a try?

Explore our Chef Shop Offerings

At chef Taki we are all about good food shared with family and friends. And our biggest goal is to make Asian food more accessible in South Africa. Whether you’re booking our chef for an Asian dining experience, ordering in or cooking at home. Our selection of food services will fix your craving for Asian food in South Africa. And if you like to cook at home our selection of Japanese chef knives and kitchen accessories give you a taste of chef-like cooking right here in Cape Town. So you can recreate the restaurant experience at home. So are you ready to begin your culinary adventure with Chef Taki?

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