How to Fall in Love with Cooking an Essential Kitchen Accessories Guide

Essential Kitchen Accessories to Ignite your Desire for Cooking in the Kitchen


Essential kitchen accessories can help you feel like a master chef in your kitchen. Because if you know the essentials that can transform the way you cook. You might enjoy cooking more. Therefore this is a guide designed by our in house chef. Based on the accessories he prioritises in the kitchen. Firstly, cooking is in fact hard work. Secondly, that is why we have put this guide together for you. And lastly, we hope that this guide inspires you to cook with ease in your home kitchen without breaking the bank.

Chef Taki’s Top list of MUST HAVE Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories are an essential part of any kitchen, no matter what style it is or how much you cook on a regular basis. One of the most important kitchen tools is your chef knife. Therefore in this post we will share our pick of essential kitchen accessories that will inspire you to cook more starting with the chef knife.

Japanese Chef Knife has got to be number one your Essential Kitchen Accessories List


Let’s be honest. Number one just has to be the kitchen knife. Especially the Chef Knife. And particularly a Japanese chef knife. Because it is the best tool for ensuring comfort and convenience when you are doing the hard work in the kitchen. From chopping to peeling, de-boning and prep work. This is the number one tool. Japan is the land of knife making. With an ancient tradition in craftsmanship. Therefore you can never go wrong with a Japanese chef knife.

The Gyuto or Japanese Chef Knife is the most Well-Known Japanese Knife



For example this Japanese chef knife is made by brand ENJIN NO TAKUMI OUGIN. These knives have been selected from knives with an established reputation for professional use in the home kitchen. Each knife is carefully finished by hand. The blade is made of carefully selected blade steel and rust-resistant molybdenum-vanadium steel. Sandwiched between rust-resistant 13-chrome stainless steel for long-lasting sharpness. This series, in which the craftsman’s techniques are brilliantly applied, is an uncompromising gem that can only be produced by Tsubame craftsmen. Resembling a kind of sword. The gyuto is good for basically anything. Like chopping, slicing and mincing. It is the perfect professional knife to start with. And slay your kitchen tasks.

Why do we love this accessory?
  • It can transform your prepwork
  • Seamlessly slice, chop or mince anything
  • The chef knife is the most important tool and when building your essential accessories you should start with a decent chef knife



Next up we have chopsticks. They are great to use for cooking in the kitchen. Have you ever tried flipping something small with a spatula? And it completely flopped? With chopsticks you never have to worry. You can whisk eggs, stir your food in a non-stick pan without scratching it. Or even flip your steaks. It is a kitchen accessory often overlooked. But without a doubt one of our top favourites. Chopsticks are an essential kitchen accessory for cooking Asian dishes. They are used to stir, mix, or serve food in small bowls or dishes. Chopsticks can even be used for other tasks as well. Such as poking holes in dough to test if it’s cooked. Or separating meat from the bones when making soup stock. In fact chopsticks are probably an essential kitchen accessory that could transform your cooking without breaking the bank.

Is this an essential in our kitchen?
  • Absolutely
  • Tip: long chopsticks are better suited for cooking while short chopsticks are easier to use when eating

Food Processor


Then we have food processors. You can make all kinds of things with this machine. From sauces, fillings and dressings. As well as blend soups. Because it can do all of these basics. And much more. Like mandolin your vegetables, mince your meat, dice & mince vegetables. And you catch the drift. The food processor is like an electric mandolin. A food processor is a kitchen appliance with rotating blades that can be used to cut food into pieces or shreds and mix ingredients together. They are often used when making doughs and batters.

  • This is an expensive investment but if you are a serious cook and already own the above two, then this is the one for you.

Knife Sharpener


This kitchen gadget helps you keep your knives in good condition so they last longer. If you are serious about cooking, you will need a knife sharpener to keep your knives in good shape. Ensuring that they are sharpened every once in a while can be an inconvenience. Especially if you’ve never sharpened a knife before. That is why it’s best to start off with a whetstone that is easy to use. Like this one above. Simple, small and convenient knife sharpener.

Rice Cooker


Are you an Asian foodie? Well then we don’t need to explain why this is a crucial asset in your kitchen. Cooking rice is no easy task. And no one can make it better than the rice cooker. It saves you precious time and effort. All you have to do is switch it on and fill it up with rice and water. It will steam your rice for you. And the best part is that the rice comes out absolutely fluffy and delicious. No more time spent cooking rice on the stove. This is an absolute gem in the kitchen. Especially if you love cooking Asian food. And especially rice dishes. It is a bit of an investment. But absolutely worth it.



A mandolin helps you to thinly slice vegetables. Although you could use a chef knife for the same purpose. This little kitchen gadget can make slicing even more of a breeze. Seamlessly slice super thin vegetables with ease. This is a Japanese cooking utensil that you can use to make Japanese Cucumber Salad (Sunomono) 酢の物. Or anything else. It’s especially useful when you need thin slices of potatoes or any vegetables that you dread cutting ultra thin with a chef knife.

We hope you enjoyed this blog. Browse our our chef picked kitchen accessories.

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