How to Make Sushi Rice in 3 Easy Steps at Home

How to Make Make Sushi Rice Fluffy and delicious

It seems overly complicated when it comes to making sushi rice. But we are going to teach you how to do it in just 3 steps. It may take a couple tries before it comes out perfect. But practice makes perfect. And in just 3 steps you can learn how to make yummy , fluffy rice for sushi at home.

Make Sushi Rice like a pro in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Cook your Rice


  • If possible use a rice steamer to easily and conveniently cook your rice
  • Alternatively make your rice however you usually do

Step 2: Add Rice Vinegar and Mirin


  • Slowly add tablespoons of rice vinegar and mirin as you stir liquid into rice
  • Ensure that the rice doesn’t get too wet as that’ll make the rice soggy
  • Measurement tip: 1 tablespoons of rice vinegar and 1 tablespoons of mirin for 1 cup of rice
  • Taste the rice to see if you are happy with the consistency and if not add another tablespoon of liquid
  • Mix the liquid well into the rice

Step 3: Transfer the Sushi Rice into a Tray to Cool Down


  • Spread it out nicely onto the tray
  • Don’t forget to wrap it up (with cling wrap or an alternative) otherwise it will dry out quickly
What Rice should you use?

If you want to eat the most authentic version of home sushi you absolutely need to use Japanese rice. Short grain Japanese sticky rice can be found at your local Asian grocer. It must be steamed and sticky. And the secret is in the vinegar and how you prepare it. We love adding mirin to our sushi to give it that extra yummy flavour.

Sushi Recipes and Tools

We love making our own sushi at home with our sushi makers. It’s quicker than rolling it. Learn How to make your own sushi i in this recipe- how to make oshizushi press sushi.  Delicious sushi made easy with a Japanese sushi maker. They are really easy to use. And act as a mold for your sushi. Therefore learn more about our Sushi Making accessories by exploring that product category tag on our online shop.

Alternatively you can also make sushi without the necessary accessories. For example you don’t always need a mat or a mould. In that case you might like this recipe- Onigirazu – a sushi sandwich.

Looking for more easy recipes? Head over to our youtube playlist- easy Asian recipes.

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