How to Make Sushi at Home Oshizushi Pressed Sushi Fashion Sandwich Maker

Make Sushi at Home with DIY Sushi Maker

Make sushi at home in comfort and chef style with Oshizushi sushi press. A wooden sushi mold that presses sushi into little sandwiches for you. The easiest sushi you’ll ever make at home. It’s fun and easy to use. And the best part is that you can eat sushi everyday without breaking the bank.

So what is Oshizushi?


Oshizushi is a sushi dish made by layering vinegared rice and ingredients in a wooden frame and pressing them together. It is mainly eaten in western Japan. It is usually rectangular in shape, but can also be square, fan-shaped, or flower-shaped. In addition to standard pressed sushi such as sabazushi (mackerel sushi) and trout sushi, there is also famous pressed sushi such as Osaka’s sparrow sushi, Kyoto’s hamo sushi, and Hyogo’s sea eel sushi. Outside of the Kansai region, oshizushi is eaten in Ishikawa and Nagano prefectures, as well as in Shikoku region.

And How does it Make Sushi for you?


Quick Steps

  • Add the rice and the ingredients and press it all together
  • And then cut it how you like it.
  • I.e; in squares, triangles etc. Check these images for a quick how to:

sushi-maker-oshizushi-steps-1-4 sushi-maker-oshizushi-step-5-8. ushi-maker-oshizushi-step-9-and-10

How do you prepare the sushi rice when you make sushi at home?

The deliciousness of sushi depends on how the rice is made.Therefore it is imperative that you get the rice down to perfection. But it won’t be easy. And there will be a couple tries before you make the perfect sushi rice. But sushi rice needs to have vinegar. That is the secret ingredient for sushi rice. Chef Taki makes his sushi rice with both rice vinegar and sweet rice vinegar.

If you want your sushi to be healthy don’t add sugar to the rice

Did you know that many sushi recipes contain sugar in the rice? Shocking right?! Because you think sushi is so healthy. But, it all depends on the rice. And adding sugar to the rice doesn’t make it healthy. Although it is still by far healthier than other foods like fried foods.

And it’s as simple as that. Although it can get messy. But it is very fun, interactive and entertaining to make your own sushi at home. Stay tuned for more delicious homemade sushi recipes for Oshizushi. And check out our sushi makers:

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