Everything you Need to Know about Japanese Chef Knives

Japan Chef Knives Guide: Different types of Japanese knives and how they can help make your cooking experience better

Japanese Chef knives are famous for their craftsmanship and quality. Japanese chef knives are high-end cutlery. With blades crafted from some of the most advanced technology. The use of advanced steel, laser sharpening techniques and extreme manufacturing methodologies have been developed over centuries. The chef knife is a primary tool of professional chefs. And continues to be an important part of a culinary skill set.


If you’re a foodie and love to cook, then you probably already know how important having the right equipment is. The right chef knife can make all the difference between a challenging task and an easy one. When it comes to Japanese chef knives, there are different types that cater to different kinds of cooking. It is important to know what you need before choosing a knife. We’ve put together this guide on Japanese chef knives to help you choose the right one:

What is a Japanese Chef Knife?

A Japanese chef knife is any type of knife that has been made in Japan by a traditional method. Nowadays, there are many types of japanese chefs knives that serve other purposes as well such as fish filleting or boning out game meats. They range from single beveled blades with slanted edges to double beveled blades with straight edges; each blade style has its own purpose and use case.

The Santoku Knife


The Santoku knife is the most popular of the Japanese chef knives. It is used for slicing, dicing, and mincing vegetables and meats. The Santoku means ‘three virtues’ and it is so-called because it can be used to slice, chop and mince any food. It is best used on delicate foods such as fish, fruits and vegetables. It’s a multipurpose kitchen knife that can work magic in your kitchen. Easily identified by it curved edged blade. The curved front gentle tip of the santoku blade reduces the chance of mistakenly piercing something other than what your busy cutting. But we could go on forever about the santoku chef knife. It is absolutely one of our favourites.

The Gyuto Knife


It has a similar shape to the French Chef’s knife but the blade tends to be thinner and the tip of the blade points upwards. This makes it easier to cut through bone and meat as well as making it ideal for chopping vegetables or fruit. Use it for cutting through fish or meat when preparing sushi dishes. The gyuto is the Japanese version of the classic chef knife. It is easily recognizable by its long point tip.  Sometimes it can be difficult to confuse the two. But the gyuto knives have a flatter blade. The straight blade of the gyuto makes it easier to use the push/pull method when cutting. Which is great for slicing.

Large Gyuto and Small Gyuto Side by Side


The Petty Knife the Japanese Version of a Paring Knife


This petty knife is a smaller version of the Gyuto knife, which makes it easier to use when you are slicing and cutting small pieces of food such as sushi or finely-chopped vegetables. The Japanese petty knife is a multi-purpose, lightweight and extremely sharp kitchen knife. This small chef’s knife is perfect for:

  • Peeling
  • Carving
  • Trimming
  • And cutting herbs, fruits and veggies

While a chef’s knife can be used to cut smaller foods like onions or garlic into smaller pieces, a Japanese petty knife makes it easier by not requiring as much strength to accomplish those tasks. Therefore it’s a small knife that’s dynamite in its use.

Therefore Japanese chef knives are a great investment for your cooking adventures. Because they are well made, functional and beautiful. There are many more other kinds of Japanese chef knives. And we hope this post helps you choose the right one for you and your kitchen.

We hope this guide helped persuade you to invest in a Japanese chef knife. Because it is the perfect kitchen tool for professional chefs and home chefs alike. Therefore if you’re a foodie or on on this journey of cooking delicious home cooked meals in style & comfort. Then treat yourself. You will never regret investing in a Japanese chef knife. The quality, style and durability of Japanese chef knives outweigh any other chef knife making country. And because of this they unfortunately do not come cheap. But don’t worry we have a range of affordable japanese chef knives in our online shop. With the petty and small santoku for only R900. Check it out on our chef knife store.

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