Asmr grilling sounds on Yakiniku🥢 #shorts

Yakiniku is a style of Japanese dining where you cook bite-sized meat and vegetables on a grill at your table. (焼肉, yakiniku) 焼 (yaki) – meaning “grilled” and (niku) – meaning “meat”.

Yakiniku Who That?


Yakiniku is a term used in Japanese 焼肉. It translates directly into grilling meat. Therefore it is exactly that. Except it is an interactive dining experience unique to Japan. Similar to the Korean BBQ. Or even the South African Braai. But in South Africa we braai on a big braai and one person is usually responsible for braaing the meat. In Japan, Korea and other Asian countries BBQ-ing is very common. Except most Hibachis (Asian braais) are much smaller than traditional South African braais. And they are small table braais/bbqs.

Yakiniku is an Interactive Foodies Experience unique to Asia


What makes this interactive is that everyone sits around the table and grills their own met. Making it a completely social and communal way of dining. This is unique to Asia as most countries in Asia dine this way. Whereby there are numerous dishes on the table. And everyone shares from these dishes. Meaning you dish up your own food from the shared food on the table. As well as bbq your own meat. It is very common in many Asian countries with restaurants filled with braai tables. Some with traditional bbq/braai. And others with grills. Which is also common. As seen in this image.

How Does the Braai/BBq work if it’s inside?


The braai uses a special charcoal called Binchotan 備長炭 .  Allowing you to have a smoke-less experience. Since the braais are on the table and in the house. Rather than outside like a traditional South African braai. Therefore Binchotan is special charcoal because it burns cleanly with a high steady heat. And the alkalised ashes are said to neutralise protein acids and other undesirable acidic products during cooking. Many high-end restaurants use it for grilling. And it is believed that he best yakitori restaurants use binchotan.

What Makes this Experience Different?

This is a uniquely Asian experience. Because in western countries, including South Africa. We do not dine like this. Meaning we rarely share meals. Often everyone is ordering their own dish on the menu. Which means you lose out on a taste experience of multiple dishes.

How Does Chef Taki make this experience a truly authentic dining experience in Cape Town?

Since not many people know about this way of dining. Chef Taki helps you recreate an Asian dining experience unique to Asia in the comfort of your home. When you book this experience on Chef Taki. Our in house chef is there to guide you through each and every step. Explaining the dishes. And how to cook the meat. Or even helping you cook the meat if need be. Although, you will be too excited and want to cook your own meat. Because this is an experience every Asian foodie will love!

How to book a Yakiniku Experience in Cape Town
  • Check out our Private Chef Menu and enquire about a yakiniku experience
  • Or get Chef Taki to create a very special Asian fusion menu for you
  • For quick bookings and enquiries please whatsapp us
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